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Easy CBD Cannabutter Recipe

Lay a clean dish towel down on the bottom of your crockpot to create a buffer between your mason jars and the crockpot. This will help to prevent the jars from moving or cracking during the cooking process.

Fill your crockpot at least halfway with hot water. You want enough water to cover the sides of the mason jars you will be using. However, be careful not to add too much water, as it may overflow when you add the jars.

Place a thermometer in the water and set the crockpot to high heat. When a temperature of around 180°F is reached, turn it down to low heat. Note: any temperature range of 180-190 degrees Fahrenheit will work. You may need to adjust to medium heat, depending on your crockpot.

While the water bath is heating up, measure your desired amount of cannabis flower. Use the Flower to Oil Ratio Guide if you need help deciding how much to use. Record how much flower you used, in grams, so you can calculate your final potency at the end.

Gently break apart the cannabis buds by hand into popcorn-sized pieces and place them into a mason jar. Do not grind. Gently put the lid on the mason jar and place the jar in the oven for decarboxylation. The decarboxylation process is simple and can easily be done in an oven or Instant Pot. Bake at 240°F for 90 minutes.

After decarboxylation, remove the jar from the oven. When it is cool enough to handle, open the lid and place your butter or oil of choice inside. You may need more than one jar if you are making a big batch. If you are using more than one jar, evenly divide the ingredients between the jars for more consistent dosing.

Wipe the rim of the jars with a clean towel, and add the lid. Tighten the metal ring to finger-tip tightness. It should be tight, but not too tight.

Carefully place the jar into the water bath, put the crockpot lid on, and leave it alone to cook for 4 hours. You want to maintain a temperature of around 180-190°F the entire time. If you don’t have a lid, aluminum foil will work.

After the 4-hour cooking time, carefully remove the jars from the water bath and allow them to cool enough to handle. You are now done with the crockpot step and can discard the water bath.

Prepare a straining area with new, clean mason jars and a strainer, paper filter, cheesecloth or French Press. Pour the contents of the mason jar through the strainer to separate the plant-matter from the infused butter.

Add the strained butter to a container you would like to cool it in. A flexible container works well. You can also use butter molds. Place the container in the refrigerator and allow it to cool completely (it may take several hours).

While cooling, the infused butter will harden and solidify, leaving a bit of liquid underneath. When completely cool, remove the solid block of butter and drain the liquid (it doesn’t contain anything worth saving). Your cannabis butter is now ready to enjoy!

Store your finished product in an airtight container in the refrigerator according to the expiration date on the butter you used. You can store it for a long time in the freezer. If you keep it in the freezer, wrap the cannabutter in individually sized portions to ensure easy and convenient dosing.

To guesstimate the final potency of your CBD butter, input the required values into the edible dosage calculator.

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