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CBD for Anxiety

Psychological disorders, such as anxiety, are becoming increasingly important. It affects more and more people every day due to the constant stress suffered on a daily basis. In fact, surveys reveal that 1 out of every 5 people are affected, and don’t even know how to differentiate an anxiety attack. Beyond visiting specialised professionals, there are different essential oils or natural remedies that help to relieve anxiety. Nevertheless, reseaches about the benefits of CBD for anxiety have been done for a while.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a defence mechanism that all humans have, precisely, it’ a reaction that puts the person on alert in the face of internal or external threats. It usually appears as a feeling of fear, dread and worry, which is weak and transient.

When anxiety is prolonged, being excessive compared to the trigger, it is considered a disorder. The factors responsible are diverse and include stressful events related to interpersonal relationships, physical illnesses and problems at work.

Other causes may be genetics which predisposes to the disorder, although it is not yet known exactly how it contributes; the education or personality, which is more likely to occur in people who do not handle stressful situations well.

Symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety is easy to detect by psychiatric assessments. The most common symptoms are:

Palpitations and difficulty breathing.Dizziness and nausea.Bruxism, headaches or stomach ache.Pressure in the chest.Strong feelings and emotions, difficult to control and often linked to depression.Insomnia.

However, these symptoms can vary depending on the type of anxiety.

Types of anxiety

Generalised anxiety. It’s the most common and produces a feeling of constant anxiety linked to physical discomfort or muscle pain and poor concentration.Panic disorder. It appears suddenly, generating extreme fear and negative thoughts in multiple situations.Social anxiety. It occurs in people who have difficulty socialising and cannot stand having people around them. They feel fear and shame.Phobias. These are very specific, generating fear towards factors or realities.Obsessive-compulsive disorders. Provokes obsession with thoughts creating an intrusive and unpleasant ideas cycle.

CBD’s benefits on anxiety

In recent years, several studies have highlighted the benefits of CBD in treating anxiety. Cannabidiol acts on serotonin receptor signalling, a neurotransmitter that generates a positive state with a relaxing and anxiolytic effect. Indeed, it can significantly improve the symptoms of anxiety.

Similarly, anxiety can also lead to insomnia, but CBD can help solve the problem by promoting deeper sleep. Other benefits include:

Anxiolytic and calming effects, which are those that relax the body and mind, controlling the situation so that it does not cause unnecessary anxiety attacks.It does not alter reality. It keeps the state of mind intact, which avoids thinking about situations that are outside reality or distorting, enhancing behaviour.It has no psychotropic or toxic effects. Avoiding hallucinations or addictions.

How to use CBD against anxiety

The use and dosage depends on each person, and can vary according to each body and mind; and it is advisable to seek advice from experts. Also, the amount varies according to the type of anxiety. Products such as CBD flowers can be beneficial, although the most commonly used method is in the form of CBD cream or oil.

For generalised anxiety, CBD oil should be taken at least twice a day and up to three times a day: morning, noon and night. It is not necessary to use the same doses each time; as some people find it counterproductive to use it in the morning. So you can start with one drop and work your way up to the right amount.

For panic attacks, to alleviate them, it is advisable to use a constant amount, 5 times a day. During crisis, apply three drops directly sublingually for a faster effect.

For anxiety in social situations, apply one hour before facing the situation. If it occurs when going to sleep, it is better to use it one hour before.

In sum, CBD applications to anxiety are manifold, although experts warn that more clinical trials are still needed to highlight these positive aspects. However, there is every reason to believe that it can be a great ally for people who suffer from this type of disorder on a daily basis.

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